TwentyTen +1 Child Theme, First release

by yahya. Average Reading Time: about a minute.

A personal project especially for WordPress and Facebook enthusiast. +1 aim is to be the easiest solutions to manage and create facebook pages. By the recent updates on facebook about the discontinuation of FBML support , my previous project Simpleez deemed obsolete ( e.g dead, extinct, unusable anymore :( ). The Facebook guys then recommend the new era, that is using iFrame to create custom pages ( its like they’re trying to wrap the hyperspace into facebook, maybe thats just my imagination ).
So, all in all i need to create a new solution for simple facebook page creation. To giveback to the community, and to do a good deeds ( i guess that’ll sum it all :D ). Hence born the idea to connect WordPress Dashboard and Facebook Page. Since i strongly think that wordpress is the current most used cms, so it’ll benefit a lot of people.


Analyzing the situations there’s 2 options, creating a theme with some relevant features, or creating a WordPress Plugins. The aim is still the same, to make it as easy as possible for wordpress literate users ( and with a little basic HTML, copy & paste ) to create & manage Facebook Pages.
I’m using the first options, since its simpler ( i’m not much of a coder, php codes scares me.. seriously :P ). And it makes it more easier for other designer to customize the result.

The simpler the better

Yes, i’m a big fan of simplicity ! so instead of creating a new whole big overweight theme ( which will cost more time ) i create a child time. Affirmative, its easier, simpler, better. And what more to choose other than the twentyten theme, which come as default theme on the recent wordpress updates.

Enter +1

Let me introduce you my new creation, +1, check its facebook page › . Its an iframe of this page › which generated and managed via wordpress here › .

How its done

Here’s the screencast, showing how i create sample page using this child theme

Using TwentyTen Child Theme to Create Facebook Page from Ahmad M Yahya on Vimeo.


Go to its facebook page for downloads ›